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CEO Ron GERBER angelbeat 2021 plans

Angelbeat®  Virtual Seminars feature Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google and IBM keynotes, which drives attendance by senior technology decision-makers.

Every sponsor also presents and reaches this highly-qualified audience of people, who can buy significant amounts of goods and services from you.

Here is typical feedback, this from the CIO at the TVA (largest US utility).

“I can think of no other place I can get so much relevant information, from knowledgeable speakers, than your Virtual Seminars.”

Email VP Sponsorships Carlos Santana at or call 845-551-4464 to request a Virtual Seminar sponsorship package.

There are three types of Virtual Seminars, focused on technology/product solutions, specific industries/vertical markets and digital transformation. Cloud and Security, plus Data Analytics, Application Architecture and AI/Automation, are five common and underlying themes across all three types, with varying degrees of emphasis.

The seminars are marketed through emails to Angelbeat® ‘s proprietary database of 450,000 end users, social media campaigns, CEO Ron Gerber’s VideoBlog and Podcasts, website traffic, online ads, etc.

A nationwide/global audience is targeted because technology issues are the same for everyone, it doesn’t take much more effort to email 450,000 vs 45,000 people, and sponsors receive many more leads/exposure, for the same investment of time and money. Field marketing staff at larger firms often tap into multiple regional budgets to sponsor Angelbeat, generating a very positive, overall ROI for the company, while simultaneously reaching many target accounts across several geographies.

Angelbeat® virtual seminars automatically, and by design, facilitate meaningful interaction between sponsors and attendees. Most importantly, there are only sequential talks to a captive audience, with no simultaneous tracks nor similar content from a competitor. Every attendee is guaranteed to hear your unique message, plus there is real-time/live communications between the speaker and attendees, through online chat and Q&A.

You can jointly sponsor with a partner/reseller, plus your Virtual Seminar sponsorship also includes the MP4 video file of your presentation, plus a separate 45-minute standalone webinar.

Watch videos on the left to hear Trend Micro and VMware confirm the value of sponsoring Angelbeat®. The third video summarizes Angelbeat® CEO Ron Gerber’s comprehensive strategy and exciting plans for 2021.

The Angelbeat®  team looks forward to helping you achieve your lead generation and marketing objectives.

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Summary of Benefits

Pre-Qualified Attendees

All registrations are carefully pre-screened and pre-approved by Angelbeat. The attendees are 100% end users (your customers and prospects), from medium-to-large employers across all industries, with no Professors, Students, PR/training firms, Consultants, etc.

Full Attendee/Non-Attendee Contact Information

Sponsors receive full contact information – name, job title, company, address, phone, email – for attendees and non-attendees, sent in a spreadsheet two days after the seminar is completed. There is no need for expensive nor cumbersome badge scanners.

Registration Survey/On-Site Introductions

During the online, pre-event registration process, attendees complete a survey and identify specific topics and speakers that are of greatest interest. At the event, Angelbeat staff introduces each attendee to those sponsors identified on the survey, thereby accelerating the sales process.


All sponsors present to all attendees. There are no competing sessions and/or simultaneous talks occurring in other rooms.

Category Exclusivity/Non-Overlapping Content

All presentations are reviewed/approved in advance, to guarantee that there is no overlapping nor competitive content.

Targeted Pre-Event Recruitment

Sponsors can provide a list of target accounts/people to Angelbeat, who will work especially hard to get these high-priority organizations to attend.


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