Angelbeat staff who plan agendas/content and/or recruit attendees are very sensitive to the time demands placed on IT professionals. “Doing more with less” is a common theme heard at every seminar. So why should you attend Angelbeat versus other shows, and how can Angelbeat help with your own career and your employers’ profitability? The agenda at each show is always world-class, combining global IT leaders and smaller/innovative firms. The format is short, concise & technical talks on related subjects that afford longer breaks and extensive time for peer interaction. That is the Angelbeat formula for success, great keynotes and many one-on-one meetings, with no long, drawn-out and often boring sessions. So let’s take a real-life example, namely the impact of (outsourced) cloud solutions on IT jobs. Knowing that many CFO’s will be pushing the CIO in this direction, Angelbeat attendees take home the knowledge to successfully architect and secure cloud-based solutions with their existing internal infrastructure. This provides them with not just job security but career advancement! Here is feedback from one attendee:

“Excellent seminar – I really enjoy these. They are brief, to the point, and include great presentations from key IT players regarding key technologies. Nothing is drawn out and a lot of emphasis is placed on making the most efficient use of the vendors’ and attendees’ time. I went to a Gartner conference in San Diego a few weeks ago, and like many big conferences (and depending on what is being presented), the presentations can get repetitive, drawn out, and quite frankly, pretty boring. Your seminars are always upbeat and relevant – each presentation grabs the attention of the attendee and I think that’s one of the main goals. Great job!” From an employer viewpoint, your boss (before approving your request to attend Angelbeat and be out of the office) wants to be certain that the content is relevant and helps the organization to cost-effectively deploy technology. This is a very reasonable request and another attendee testimonial is the best way to answer this question. “This year we’re deploying a Dell Compellent SAN solution, additional HP servers, VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise to host Exchange 2010, SQL Server 2008, and SharePoint 2010, along with our existing VMware servers. Suffice it to say the information obtained from the Angelbeat conferences has influenced the decisions we’ve made.”