Virtual Seminar 2021 Schedule

Widely-praised, stand-alone Angelbeat virtual seminars continue every month. Here is the schedule through 2021 year-end.

Email VP Marketing/Sponsorships Carlos Santana at or call 845-551-4464 to request more information and a sponsorship package, plus suggest additional topics that should be covered.


23: Government: Federal, State, Local

28: Education: K12, Higher Ed, Edtech


19: High Performance Computing (HPC), Mainframe Modernization/Migration, Quantum Computing: High Performance, Low Latency, Five 9, Computing and Data-Intensive Applications

26: Healthcare, Pharma, Life Sciences, Healthtech

28: AWS-Powered Solutions/Products for 2022, APAC Focus


3: IT-Drven Sustainability: The Importance and Role of Technology and Cloud Computing

4: DATA & AI: Analytics/Storage/Governance plus ML/RPA/Automation

9: AWS-Powered Solutions/Products for 2022

10: Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Fintech, Cryptocurrency

16: Microsoft-Powered Solutions/Products for 2022

18: Google-Powered Solutions/Products for 2022


9: Work-From-Home (WFH), Virtual Desktop (VDI), Digital Collaboration, plus Edge Computing & Last Mile Network Architecture (Impact of Cloud, Private 5G, WiFi6, SD-WAN, CoLo/Hosting/Interconnect)

14: Kubernetes, DevOps, Cloud Native, Microservices, Application Migration

15: Hybrid & Multi Cloud Architecture

16: Media & Entertainment