CEO Ron Gerber VideoBlog: Commentary & Interviews with Tech Leaders

Gov’t/Edu INtroduction

Listen to CEO Ron Gerber’s opening comments from the Government & Education Healthcare Virtual Seminar on December 14, the first day of Covid 19 vaccinations.

Disaster Movies: Lessons Learned

Watch Independence Day and the Day After Tomorrow. Diverse races,  countries and religions came together to defeat a common global enemy.

Speaker Transitions

See how CEO Ron Gerber transitions between speakers, making insightful comments that promotes each sponsor within the broader agenda/theme.

$’s for Pandemics & Security

Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber comments on the challenges of funding IT Security projects – or preparing for Pandemics – when times are good.

Work from Home: Best Practices

Many IT Pros worked at home before coronavirus. Remind non-tech friends to keep a schedule, get up once an hour, use a vertical desk, etc.

Coronavirus Vaccine: IoT Impact

Coronavirus will demonstrate the value of IOT, enabling diverse medical organizations to quickly collect and analyze data from multiple sources.

China Good News: One Case

Learn why Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber is maintaining an optimistic, glass half full outlook, as China announces that it had only one new coronavirus case.

Self-Quarantine, Self-Healing

Given challenges in testing and treatment, the healthiest amongst us might have to self-quanrantine/isolate and self-heal, if they have coronavirus

Cloud, Security, Apps, DAta

Learn why Cloud, Security, Applications/DevOps and Data are the themes for Angelbeat’s Events and Digital Content – and should be your organizational & personal priorities.

25 Years of it seminars

CEO Ron Gerber looks back on 20 years of seminars. Why IBM choose “Watson” as their AI brand (not Sherlock Holmes)? Did Microsoft launch a smartwatch in 2005? Yes!

coronavirus Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals come out during natural disasters – and coronavirus. Be careful about clicking to avoid ransomware. Backup data – and wash your hands – often!

Online Training expansion

With the CDC (correctly) stopping all live events Angelbeat dramatically and quickly expands its digital and online training, in just a week. Learn how and why.

technology Convergence

Separate technology platforms have converged: clock radio, voice/data networks, plus hyperconverged infrastructure. Now the “Convergence of Everything”.

IT Certification Priorities

Learn why security and cloud certifications are in greatest demand, as interest declines sharply in traditional network qualifications.

Seminar Content Creation

Learn how content is selected for live and virtual programs – technical and non-salesy on top issues – so the experience is beneficial to attendees and speakers.

Cloud Security Introduction

Listen to excerpts from CEO Ron Gerber’s introduction to the Cloud Security virtual seminar, so you can better understand his approach as emcee.

$2 Trillion Stimulus

The Gov’t approves $2 Trillion Stimulus. Angelbeat’s digital transformation journey continues; how long will social distancing continue?