Virtual Seminar Testimonials

“Thank you very much for organizing this AWS Virtual Seminar. Really liked the delivery and speakers. Great job bringing the right speakers and topics as they are aligned with our next steps at GE.

I was wondering how and what Angelbeat will come up with and am glad to say that you again have gone beyond expectations in providing a high-value service in these tough times.”

CISO, GE Capital

“The Microsoft Virtual Seminar didn’t have a weak link in it. The subject matter was dead on target for where the industry is now and is headed in the future. Today’s presenters provided valuable insight into the use of their tools and were at the same time interesting and entertaining.

So as for me, this Angelbeat Virtual Summit was the best I have ever attended.”

CIO, State of Mississippi

It was very informative about trends in cyber security, cloud, machine language, etc.

Thank you for being a good host and making sure everyone gets the information they need. I would definitively let others from Western Union know about your technical events.”

Senior Technology Architect, Western Union

“I completely enjoyed the format of the seminar and do not recommend your changing anything.

Which is something I do not ever remember stating in comparable feedback in the past to a seminar organizer. You do good work, sir.”

2nd Century Enterprise Systems, Boeing

I must say this event was put together and coordinated very well. Brief presentation formats with a great deal of information, with the right mix of vendors.

CIO, Latin America, Abbott

Live/In-Person Event Testimonials

JP Morgan Chase

Legacy Health

University of Michigan

Travelers Insurance

Leupold & Stevens

UT Southwestern Medical

I enjoyed it very much. I think this is about the 5th or so Angelbeat I have attended and they are always informative and worth the investment of my time.

I plan to come again next year.

Strategic IT Sourcing Manager, Intermountain Healthcare

“Thank you very much for hosting this event. This was the second time that I have attended an Angelbeat® event in the DC area.

I like how the content is geared toward what the industry is doing (forward-thinking) and much less about the product being sold. Thank you for all you do to pull off this event, it is not easy.”

Senior Enterprise Architect, American Institutes for Research

“Thanks so much for collecting a good group of speakers, topics, etc. I like the intimate feel of the event with time for networking with the local IT community, visiting with vendors, etc.

Having the slides available for review later is very helpful. I found the cognitive/AI topic the most exciting along with containers and new wifi technologies. I like the forward looking nature of all the topics.”

Director of Enterprise Architecture, University of Arkansas

“I want to commend you for the great effort at this conference, showcasing key technology that may interest us.

Your attention to detail and organization of the event was very professional.”

Network Communications Architect, US Navy, Naval Information Warfare Systems Command

“Thanks Ron! I’ve been in IT about 20 years and have been to a lot of disappointing vendor events.

But the way you structure Angelbeat, I get a lot more value from them, so I really appreciate the efforts you put in, to make it work for both the attendees and the vendors.”

CIO, Geffen Mesher