Sustainability is a critically important objective for organizations of all sizes. Everyone wants to protect the environment, reduce energy costs, transition to renewal/solar sources, install multi-vehicle EV charging systems, improve power reliability through MicroGrids, On-Site Batteries and Energy Storage Systems, plus create a circular business model where expanding recycling, achieving net carbon zero and exceeding financial goals are compatible. And of course, take full advantage of government and utility incentive and rebate programs.

Angelbeat features experts presenting on these highly relevant topics. Scroll down for agenda; click on speaker’s name and session title for more information. Registration begins, exhibit area opens at 11:00 AM, with the first talk is at noon. Lunch is served, followed by comprehensive afternoon sessions. While you are encouraged to attend the full program, you can participate for only those talks of greatest interest.

This is a HYBRID event, with presentations livestreamed for people outside the region or having conflicts that day (why registrations are processed through Zoom).

As a special incentive to attend, Angelbeat offers a financial credit of up to $1,000 towards your next Sustainability project. Click for terms and requirements

  • 11:00 PT Registration Opens, Exhibit Area Opens
  • 12:30 Lunch Served, Exhibit Area Open
  • End of Formal Presentations, Exhibit Area Remains Open