Sustainability in Southern California

Sustainability is a critically important objective for organizations of all sizes, as they want to protect the environment, support the community, meet the expectations of employees and customers, plus create a business model where exceeding targets for both financial performance and global warming initiatives are compatible.

The Angelbeat virtual seminar features experts from Orange County, LA County, City of LA and Sempra Energy outlining their own comprehensive, internal sustainability projects, plus the resources they provide to organizations in Southern California to accelerate their own initiatives.

Oceanside-based OneSource Distributors, the leading sustainability project design and management firm in the region, discusses the technologies listed below, offers case study examples of its clients successfully deploying these technologies, plus describes sustainability mandates, regulations and financial incentives/grants from utilities and government agencies (federal, state, city and local).

  • Solar Energy: Panel Sizing, Layout Design, Installation Best Practices, Integration with Existing Power Sources
  • MicroGrids: Onsite Electricity Storage, Battery Configuration Options, Linkage to Public Grid
  • Electrical Vehicles (EV): Charging System Design and Compatibility across all EV’s, Capacity Planning for Office/Campus Locations
  • Net-Zero Carbon: CO2 Emission Reduction Strategy, Best Practices and Deployment Recommendations
  • Circular Economy and Recycling of Waste, Plastics, Electronics, Organics/Composting
  • SB 1383 Government Mandate on Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction

As a special incentive to attend and implement your next sustainability project, Angelbeat is offering one organization in Southern California financial reimbursement of up to $500. Click here for terms and requirements.

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All attendees receive 2 CPE/CEU credit hours and are encouraged (on the registration form) to submit/ask questions – and get immediate answers on any sustainability topic.