Sustainability: How Technology Accelerates Net-Zero Carbon, Renewable/Green Energy/Microgrid and Waste Reduction Initiatives

Tuesday December 7 – Noon 12:00 PM ET Start

Sustainability and Technology December 7

Innovation and Technology are key to achieving sustainability goals, such as decarbonization of operations to water conservation.

During this highly informative workshop keynote speakers from Microsoft and AWS discuss how they enable organizations to create sustainability solutions, ranging from carbon tracking to energy conservation to waste reduction, using AI and their cloud computing platforms to ingest, analyze, and manage sustainability data. For example, they will quantify the financial, strategic and sustainability benefits from migrating on-prem data centers (that consume significant amounts of power) to the cloud.

You will learn about Microsoft’s AI for Earth and Amazon’s Sustainability Data Initiative, which offer substantial technical resources and capital for your own projects. As two of the world’s largest corporations, they will provide insights into their internal (and very comprehensive) sustainability programs, to help you better understand and appreciate their corporate commitment to net-zero carbon emissions.

OneSource Distributors provide guidance on creating a decentralized and self-sufficient MicroGrid electric network, powered by renewal/green energy sources (solar, wind, hydro), using an on-site battery energy storage systems, funded through government/public sector grants and utility incentives.

This focused 3 hour workshop should appeal to individuals across multiple industries, and from all functions: sustainability, strategy, manufacturing, supply chain, facilities, engineering, training, environment, finance, marketing, government relations, plus Information Technology. It will be very valuable for 2022 planning.

Scroll down for keynote speakers; click on name and subject for more information. Watch videos below to preview the topics covered. 3 CPE Credit Hours are provided. There are multiple $50 gift card raffles, given away at the start and end of the seminar.

Microsoft Sustainability Keynote Past Angelbeat Seminar
12:00 Noon PM ET

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