Sustainability, Circular Economy, Clean/Renewal Energy february 3

Solar/Renewal Energy, Microgrid, batteries, Ev charging
Net-Carbon Zero, industrial/Iot security, Cloud
EPA & Federal Initiatives, Programs, Grants

Sustainability , CIrcular Economy, Clean/Renewal Energy February 3

Sustainability is a critically important objective for organizations of all sizes, as they want to protect the environment, support the community, meet the expectations of employees and customers, plus create a business model where exceeding targets for both financial performance and global warming initiatives are compatible.

The Angelbeat Sustainability virtual seminar features multiple experts presenting on these highly relevant topics:

  • Solar Energy: Panel Sizing, Layout Design, Installation Best Practices, Integration with Existing Power Sources
  • MicroGrids: Onsite Electricity Storage, Battery Configuration Options, Linkage to Public Grid
  • Electrical Vehicles (EV): Charging System Design and Compatibility across all EV’s, Capacity Planning for Office/Campus Locations
  • Net-Carbon Zero: CO2 Emission Reduction Strategy, Best Practices and Deployment Recommendations
  • Infrastructure/Operational Security: Protecting Industrial Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Transmission Lines and Grids from Cyberattacks
  • Sustainability Financial Benefits: Utility Incentives, plus Federal, State, Local Grants & Programs
  • Cloud Computing Energy Savings

Nena Shaw, the Director of Sustainability for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, offers invaluable insights during her keynote presentation into the “Circular Economy and Sustainable Materials Management”, plus outlines programs, grants and resources offered by the Federal Government/EPA.

You will learn about Amazon’s Sustainability Data Initiative, which offer resources and capital to accelerate your sustainability projects, how the world’s largest corporation is working towards net-carbon zero operations, and the clean/renewal energy benefits of using the Amazon web services cloud to replace inefficient data centers.

OneSource Distribution offers case studies of organizations successfully implementing Sustainability programs

This workshop appeals to individuals across multiple industries and all functions: sustainability, strategy, manufacturing, supply chain, facilities, engineering, training, environment, finance, marketing, government relations, plus Information Technology.

To accelerate implementation of sustainability projects in Southern California and Hawaii, follow-up virtual seminars will be held the next week, featuring government officials from each region listed below, to discuss project approval process, zoning considerations, coordination across different public sector agencies, etc.

  • San Diego February 8
  • Orange County February 9
  • Los Angeles February 10
  • Hawaii February 10

Gerber is the virtual seminar emcee, and a graduate of both Harvard Business School and Princeton University. Click here for Angelbeat FAQ’s and to see its opt-in policies.