ASIC’s (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) or PLC’s (Programmer Logic Controllers) were previously used to perform specific computing tasks at high efficiency, on a hardware basis. But in today’s software-defined or software-driven world, the priority is flexibility and upgradability, so not just your PC and Smartphone but also Kitchen Appliances, TV’s, Security Cameras, Smoke Detectors, Cars, etc. must all be connected to the Internet.

It is hard enough keeping your laptop protected from the latest attacks. But all these “computing platforms” offer new pathways for hackers to steal your confidential data, plus disrupt your personal and professional life. So what should you do? Three things:

First, change every single password monthly, plus use a password management tool. This is a cumbersome but necessary step, to stay away of cyber-criminals.

Second, set up a VPN to encrypt all outbound traffic/data after you hit the “send” button.

Third, keep hard copy and printed records of all financial assets, tax documents and legal information.

And of course, come to an Angelbeat event in your city, to learn directly from the experts.