SAP Modernization & AWS Cloud Migration – November 23, 1 pm ET

SAP Modernization, Hybrid Cloud Architecture, Migration to AWS

Organizations are under increased pressure to optimize their operations, infrastructure and supply chain, to eliminate pockets of inefficiencies plus improve productivity and throughput.

One of the most effective digital transformation strategies – to meet these objectives – is to modernize and migrate an on-prem SAP installation to the Cloud, by leveraging the expertise of AWS. During this informative, technical and focused one-hour session, Protera, a strategic partner of both SAP and AWS, will discuss how and why the AWS cloud platform is ideally suited for migration and modernization of SAP workloads, discuss hybrid cloud architectures, then provide several real-life case studies.

You will now be able to shift from focusing on operations, to spending more time on insights and prediction – changing how you work and empowering you to do things that you only dreamed of before.

If you are an SAP user and work in manufacturing, distribution or any other industry, then you definitely want to attend.

Protera SAP Transformation and Migration
AWS SAP HANNA Workloads Presentation
1:00 PM ET

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