It seems clear that bring-your-own-device (byod) initiatives are being rapidly embraced by IT executives, who will increasingly spend money on thin client/VDI solutions and middleware software platforms to support consumer devices in the enterprise. Good news if you sell these solutions, potentially tricky for Microsoft and Intel who have grown accustomed to the 3-4 PC refresh over the past ten or fifteen years. One area that has gotten much less attention is how BYOD and the corresponding consumerization of IT will have on telephone/handset sales. Right now firms like Avaya can transform your personal iPad2 into an enterprise grade telephone, complete with presence and unified communication applications. While people 30 and older still like the feel of a handset, the next generation of IT professionals are used to blue-booth earpieces and headsets (not handsets). By the year 2020, I predict that sales of telephone systems and handsets will mirror the sharp decline of hardcopy newspaper sales. Firms can do it today but it will take a decade for widespread acceptance.