Media & entertainment

Learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) optimizes the Media & Entertainment experience for worldwide users

Google Cloud for Media

Learn how Google is enabling media & entertainment organizations to delight global audiences at scale

Security Operations Center

Learn how to modernize your security operations center and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals

2021 Security predictions

Watchguard’s CTO predicts top security vulnerabilities for 2021 – and how to protect data and apps.

AI-Powered Smart Cities

Learn about AI-powered IoT and data analytics solutions for Smart Cities and Smart Campuses.

Virtual Desktop Solutions

Learn about Google’s VDI solution so remote/work-from-home employees can securely do their jobs.

Retail Tech Innovations

Learn how Microsoft enables Retailers and Consumer Goods firms to thrive in this rapidly changing space.

Robotic Process Automation

Learn how AI-Powered RPA solutions can eliminate tedious and error-prone tasks with software robots

Hybrid Network Architecture

Hybrid cloud architectures help organizations integrate their on-premises and cloud operations to support a broad spectrum of use cases.

Anthos: Hybrid and Multi Cloud

Anthos combines the Google Cloud managed service Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), GKE On-Prem, and the Anthos Config Management console.

Azure: Hybrid and Multi Cloud

Azure helps customers by providing them the flexibility to innovate anywhere in their hybrid environment, while operating seamlessly and securely.

IBM/Red Hat Hybrid Multi-Cloud

IBM’s next-generation hybrid multicloud platform offers advanced data and AI capabilities, plus deep enterprise expertise across 20 industries.

AI-Powered Fraud Detection

Amazon Fraud Detector uses machine learning (ML) and 20 years of fraud detection expertise from AWS and to automatically identify fraudulent activity so you can catch more fraud, faster.

Google Cloud Security

Learn how Google protects your data and applications, through a global network of data centers, private fiber networks, encryption and many other products and services.

Zero Trust Security

Digital transformation will require the security approach change from placing trust in devices attached to corporate networks to a Zero Trust approach, where trust is always verified with identity and device health validation regardless of connectivity location.

Shared SEcurity Model for Hybrid/Multi Cloud

Trend Micro will provide case studies, across multiple industries, that specifically outline the capabilities (and limitations) of security services provided by AWS, Azure and GCP, and when/where end users and third party vendors such as Trend Micro must assume responsibility for security.

Security with Software Defined Everything

In today’s software-defined everything world, the number one challenge is often protecting yourself (and your organizational network, infrastructure and data) from some of your own, inadvertent actions.

HYBRID Cloud Compliance

Managing risk across private, public, hybrid and multi clouds makes IT security/compliance very complex and time-consuming. Learn how to address these issues, in a world of cloud sprawl and multiple regulations.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA automates, secures and scales business processes, from legacy to modern, across the enterprise, to eliminate error-prone manual tasks. Learn from Micro Focus about new robo workers, that liberate human brainpower and ignite productivity.

Network Access Control

Network access control supports visibility and access management through policy enforcement on devices and users. Learn from PKA to support home workers, stop insecure nodes from infecting your network/data, and restrict non-compliant access.

MultiCloud Center of Excellence

Learn how customers use CloudHealth to manage on-premises and public cloud-based workloads in a single platform.

Fortifying your Digital Foundation for App Modernization

AHEAD shares how enterprises can efficiently and effectively modernize outdated systems and applications to drive productivity, customer experience, and ultimately the bottom line.

Security Operations Center

It is difficult for IT staff to stay ahead of hackers; plus are you confident that you can immediately respond to an attack? Learn from Arctic Wolf about its 24x7x365 Security Operations Center, that monitors and protects organizations of all sizes.

Architecture for Performance Hungry Apps

Microsoft’s Azure NetApp Files services removes the storage bottleneck so your vms can run at their max capacity and brings with it built-in services to address many data availability and protection capabilities so you do not need to build it all in yourself.

Cloud Compliance Analysis and Governance

OpsCompass provides Cloud compliance by continuously evaluating whether your infrastructure is in compliance with your own internal baselines as well as specific regulatory benchmarks, including CIS, NIST, HITRUST, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, and more.

Nasuni Microsoft Cloud Storage & and App Migration

Learn from Microsoft and Nasuni about Cloud Migration Strategies for Applications and Storage/File Systems Architecture.

Continuous/Autonomous Multi-Cloud Governance

CoreStack empowers enterprises to rapidly achieve Continuous and Autonomous Cloud Governance at Scale.

Cloud Storage-as-a-Service

Cloud-based Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) integrates on-prem and cloud data, offers multi-tenancy for security plus performance, and stores block, file, and object data. Learn from Zadara how to expand storage with flexibility but no up-front capital expense.