Microsoft-Powered Digital Transformation
Strategies and Solutions for a Post-Covid , Tech-Driven World

Tuesday May 18

11:00 – 5:00 ET, 8:00 – 2:00 PT

Microsoft-Powered Digital Transformation May 18

Angelbeat has assembled multiple Microsoft experts, plus several of their partners, so you can understand their latest cloud and AI-powered solutions, accelerate your digital transformation journey, and continue to innovate in a post-Covid, technology-driven world.

The content will be of great value to individuals across all industries, covering many relevant topics such as:

  • Cloud Security: Protect Infrastructure, Applications and Data, Comply with Regulations and Data Locality Requirements
  • Hybrid Cloud and Network Architecture: Consistent Experience across Azure Cloud and On-Prem Environments
  • Precision SecOps and Threat Intelligence
  • Cloud Governance Best Practices
  • Multi-Cloud Data Protection As a Service, Ransomware Recovery Strategies
  • Optimizing Hybrid/Multi Cloud Performance while Controlling Costs
  • Teams Digital Collaboration and Work-From-Home (WFH) Platform
  • Application Modernization & Migration Strategies: Containers, Kubernetes, DevOps, Cloud Native, Microservices
  • GitHub, GitOps and Open Source Solutions
  • Synapse Data Analytics, Integration with Data Lake/Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Fastest way to Get Answers From All Your Data, To All Your Users, by Eliminating Data Silos: SAP Case Study
  • AI, ML Deployment Recommendations and Enterprise Use Cases
  • Enterprise Blockchain Applications Beyond Cryptocurrencies: Zero Trust Security, Decentralized Identity Management & More


Scroll down for speakers and schedule; click on name and subject for more information. Given this comprehensive agenda, you can attend for only those sessions of specific interest. If you have a conflict, then please still register. You’ll receive a link for on-demand viewing and downloading of all presentations.

Click here to submit a question that you want answered during the seminar. Watch video on the right, to get a preview of the topics covered.

6 CPE Credit Hours are provided. There are four (4) $100 gift card raffles, given away at the start, end and during the middle of the seminar.

Microsoft Security Session from Previous Angelbeat
Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Keynote from Previous Angelbeat

11:00 ET

  • Ron Gerber
  • CEO Angelbeat
  • Opening Comments
  • $100 Gift Card Raffle

Gerber is the virtual seminar emcee, and a graduate of both Harvard Business School and Princeton University. Click here for Angelbeat FAQ’s and to see its opt-in policies.





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