Government in a Post-Covid & Technology-Driven World
Digital Transformation Strategies

Thursday April 29

11:30 – 4:00 ET, 8:30 – 1:00 PT

Government Digital Transformation: April 29

Angelbeat has assembled experts from Microsoft, AWS, Google, VMware, UiPath, Trend Micro and other leading organizations, to help you continue to innovate in a Post-Covid, Technology-Driven world.

The content is specifically designed for individuals working in Federal, State and Local agencies, plus government contractors, covering many highly relevant topics such as:

  • Cloud Computing in the Public Sector: Best Practices for Cost Optimization and Security
  • Economic Impact of Cyber Attacks on Municipalities
  • Stopping and Recovering from Ransomware and Cyberattacks
  • Protecting Confidential Data while Facilitating Inter-Agency and Private-Public Sector Digital Collaboration
  • Hybrid & Multi Cloud Architecture, Integration with On-Prem Resources
  • Migrating and Modernizing Mainframe/Legacy Systems to the Cloud
  • AI-Powered Data Analytics for Improved and Digitally-Enabled Personalized Services for Citizens
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to eliminate redundant, time-consuming tasks and paperwork
  • Exceed Network and Application QoS Standards, despite Remote Workforce and Covid Limitations


Scroll down for speakers and schedule; click on name and subject for more information. Given this comprehensive agenda, you can attend for only those sessions of specific interest. If you have a conflict, then please still register. You’ll receive a link for on-demand viewing and downloading of all presentations.

Click here to submit a question that you want answered during the seminar. Watch videos on the right, to understand the topics covered.

5 CPE Credit Hours are provided. There are four (4) $100 gift card raffles, given away at the start, end and during the seminar. If you win a gift card but your agency does not allow you to accept it, then the card will be donated to a charity.

AWS Keynote Preview: Threats, Collaboration with Allies
Google Keynote Preview: DoD Innovation

11:30 AM ET

  • Ron Gerber
  • CEO Angelbeat
  • Opening Comments
  • $100 Gift Card Raffle

Gerber is the virtual seminar emcee, and a graduate of both Harvard Business School and Princeton University. Click here for Angelbeat FAQ’s and to see its opt-in policies.









Closing Comments, $100 Gift Card Raffle