Cloud, AI, HPC, security/ransomware Solutions for Energy Sector

sustainability Strategies Across All Industries

Wednesday Aug 11

11:20 – 1:30 ET, 8:20 – 10:30 PT

Angelbeat has assembled experts from Microsoft and other industry leaders, to discuss the latest Cloud, AI, HPC and Security/Ransomware Solutions for the Energy Sector: Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Utilities, Power Generation, Coal, Pipeline/Transmission, Nuclear, Green/Solar/Wind/Hydro/Renewable.

There will be keynote presentation by Microsoft’s sustainability¬†leader, on its strategy and support for a Net Zero Carbon Economy, that is relevant across all industries and job functions.


Scroll down for speakers and schedule; click on name and subject for more information. Given this comprehensive agenda, you can attend for only those sessions of specific interest. If you have a conflict, then please still register. You’ll receive a link for on-demand viewing and downloading of all presentations.

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3 CPE Credit Hours are provided. Watch video on the right to preview the topics to be discussed.

Microsoft Sustainability: Preview of Angelbeat Presentation
11:20 AM ET

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