Angelbeat has lined up Microsoft, AWS and other industry leaders, to address the following highly relevant topics, in a comprehensive and technical program:

  • Hybrid and Multi Cloud Architecture, Integration with On-Prem Computing Infrastructure
  • Cloud Security: Protect Infrastructure, Mission-Critical Applications, Containers & Confidential Data, Meet Regulatory and Data Locality Requirements
  • Autonomous Cyber AI: Interrupt In-Progress Cyber-Attacks in Seconds, including Ransomware
  • Data Resiliency, Backup, Archiving, plus Cloud File Storage
  • Application Migration and Modernization for the Cloud: Legacy and Greenfield Strategies, Architecture and Deployment Recommendations
  • Reliable Data Pipelines: Securely Connect to Databases, then Deployed AI-Powered Analytics
  • How Kubernetes, Open Source Software, Cloud Native Development Platforms Support DevOps, Accelerate CI/CD
  • Low-Code Application Development: Rapidly Create and Deploy Critical Applications into the Cloud
  • Post-Covid Hybrid Workplace and Mobile Workforce, WiFi6
  • Digital Transformation Post-Covid, Increased Risk of Foreign/Russian State-Sponsored CyberSecurity Attacks

LOCATION: Angelbeat will be at the Sheraton Hotel, 39 Dalton Street, Boston, MA 02199, conveniently located in Back Bay.

In recognition of Angelbeat’s live events, plus the Ukraine War tragedy, Angelbeat will provide each attendee with a $25 gift card (excluding vendors), plus donate an additional $25 per attendee to the Red Cross for refugee assistance.

This is a hybrid event, with on-site presentations livestreamed on Zoom, for individuals living outside the Boston area and/or having conflicts on April 5 (that is why all registrations are processed through Zoom).

Please scroll down for the speakers and schedule; click on name and subject for more information. 6 CPE Credit Hours are provided. Registration and exhibit area opens at 7:30 AM, plus coffee, snacks and breakfast are served, though the first presentation is not til 9:00, to allow for rush hour delays/traffic and family/personal responsibilities. The program ends in early afternoon, shortly after lunch.

  • 7:30 Registration, Exhibit Area Open, Coffee, Snacks & Breakfast Served
  • 11:00 Break, Exhibit Area Open
  • 12:35 Break, Exhibit Area Open